What I use

Inspired by Paul Thurrott, I’ve thought I’d make a small list of the apps I use.

I switched away from Apple (see below) for several reasons (anti-Apple now), and now I’m using a Thinkpad X40 with Windows XP at home and a Dell Latitude D620, also with XP, for work. The following software is on both of them.

On my MacBook with standard 2006 specs except for 2 gigs of RAM (Kingston) and an 80 gig hard disk.

For the rest of my needs, I use the regular Mac stuff…

About Lars Ottesen Henriksen

Lars Ottesen Henriksen is a Graduate Engineer in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark. He currently works in Copenhagen, but still lives in Odense which means he spends 4 hours on the train each day. Sometimes this time is used for writing, which is what you see above. > More